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Prepare For Your New Puppy


Before taking a puppy home, make sure you're ready! If you rent read over your lease or check with your landlord about having a dog. Be sure to pick the right dog for apartment living. Next, puppy-proof your home. Dogs can be mischievous, so make sure your house or apartment is safe for your new puppy to explorer. Make Sure You Have Supplies! 

For example, a puppy carrier, puppy treats, some chew toys, doggie food and water bowls, puppy exercise equipment and don’t forget the puppy food. Ask the breeder what kind of puppy chow they have been feeding and try to match it. Switching food and homes at the same time can be a little too much for a puppy. And of course, tell us how it went! We would love to hear about it. Just drop us a line or submit a testimonial online.

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